As the power of kingdoms waxes and wanes, so too do their people. Over many long centuries, many peoples have risen to great power only to fall into utter ruin. Some are still known to us, others lost to the mists. Those that remain are left to face the new aeon alone.


An aloof race of tall, pointy-eared humanoids. More myth than flesh, elves are believed to dwell in forests and mountains, practicing secret magicks both natural and arcane.


The dominant race of Akhtor. Humans are intuitive, harsh, pragmatic, and spiritual.


Their strongholds long abandoned, the dwarves are a dying race. Until recently, it was widely believed that the dwarves had simply died out. The last remaining descendants of the dwarf clans roam Akhtor, plying their skills as craftsmen and warriors to any and all willing to pay their steep price.


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